According to the scientific findings of Dr.Nelliate Shayamalan's ,the migration of Thiyyar took place in the late Iron Age .The ancestors of author's father carried the gene from North Africa through the Caucasus region to Central Asia ,Kyrgistan,and North Malabar.That is the general Thiyya DNA ,traced back several generation into the past. The language spoken at this time was a Latin script mixed with greek.(Scientific DNA studied in Thiyya Caste published in the Book 'North Africa to North Malabar' by Dr.N.C.Shyamalan)

Thiyyar Belongings to Haplogroup L.Indo-Aryan caucasian Class (Unlike ezhavas of haplogroup C australoids,Nairs of K and Namboothiris of H) from central Asian Thiyassa valley of Tian-Shan Mountain Ranges lying south of Russia to North Malabar.Genetic Marker for this group in general is KLM9/M20.Ancestors traveled through Rajasthan where the people who settled were known as sekovars. They were probably descendants of Rajputs,who later became fierce fighters and warriors. From there ,the group migrated through the sind province,Gujarat, Maharashtra , and to southern India. The Thiyya group acquired warrior qualities, martial arts, and acrobatic talents from the ancestors living in the Thiyyas-valley in Kyrgyzstan and the Pamir Plateau ( North-Central Asia).

These class of people were great warriors of ever.Sree Muthappan, Wayanadu Kulavan ,Unniyaarcha, Aromal Chekavar,Payyamballi Chandu, Kannappa Chekavar, Unnikkannan,Aringodar, etc belongs to this class.These People brought the most Perfect Martial Art Kalari to Malabar.

Thacholi Othenan was born from the womb of a Thiyya lady named Akkamma Uppatti,a member of old Martial arts Thiyyar Tharavadu of Chekavar near Vadakara.Thacholi Tharavadu and Thiyya Tharavadu of Chekavar,had connection through matrimonial relations.Two of Othenan's wives were Thiyya.The name Kurupu was bestowed up on him.(Chekavar is not a title ,but a surname derived from Sevokar of Rajasthan during the great migration of Thiyyars before the turn of millennium.) Another well known Thiyya legend concerns Wayanattu Kulavan,He lived in the slopes of Wyanad and was a popular Thiyya leader. He commanded large areas of agricultural land. He was an expert in martial arts and archery. He owned agricultural lands in the plains. He was a kind and generous leader. His feats and skills are serenaded in the Ballad of North Malabar and in Theyyam dance. Sangam Literature mention about a great warrior Chekavar Andavan (Andavan=God) who saved his class from external invasion.Muthappan, deity worshipped throughout North Malabar was actually that great warrior. British India also pave great respect and worshipped him. We can see 20 Railway Muthappan temples dotted along 307km long Shornnur- Mangalore stretch.

"Gurukkanmar Kavu" in Mavilayi Village ,Peralasseri Panchayth belongs to Thiyyar community.The Komarams of "Gurukkanmar Kavu" , were able to conduct Sarpa Pooja (Sarpa Bali) to get rid of any kind of Sarpa dosha, known as the most dangerous Dosha in Hinduisam. Even Brahmins have lot of limitation in this area. Brahmins of "Pambamme Kavu" have maximum 50-60% ability to get rid of sarpa dosha but not complete. It shows Thiyyars had a higher level spiritual power, which is better than that of Brahmins.