Thiyyars population is estimated to be over 35 Lakhs when Malabar was a constituent district of the erstwhile Madras State. Thiyyars of Malabar are seen in all districts of Malabar.Only ezhavas pockets in Malabar area are the highranges in Kannur and Wayanad.Ezhavas from travancore who came to malabar and settled for the educational/official purposes. Rest of them are all proud Thiyyars .Similarly all the Thiyyars settled in South Kerala maintain distinct identity from the Southern Ezhavas.

The Hindus of Malappuram district 95% of them are the local Thiyyars.Kondotty of Malappuram district was the military headquarters of the Zamorins.A lot of prominent malabar Thiyya families are based in and around this area.Ancient Thiyyar families like Pootheri,Theruvath(Tharavad of Late Theruvath Raman),Poovathody etc are based in Kondotty.Ezhavas in Malappuram may be a minority,must be people from travancore who came to malabar and settled for the educational/official purposes.There are no Ezhavas with ancestral origin in Malappuram.The Malappuram was formed only in 1969.Before that it was the Kozhikode and Palakkad districts of erstwhile British Malabar.There are belts in Malappuram district like Vallikunnu,Kondotty,Tirur,Tirurangadi etc which are only few km away from Kozhikode.All these areas have ancient thiyya tharavads.The Thiyyars of Malappuram and Kozhikode are very actively carrying out the Thirayattam rituals in their tharavad kavukal and temples.Ponnani is another major belt in Malabar(Malappuram district) which has lots of Thiyya Tharavadu.

Another prominent Thiyya belt in Malabar is the Southern Malabar(erstwhile Valluvanad).Areas like Pattambi,Cherpulasseri,Ottappalam,Palakkad,Shornnur,Perintalmanna,Valancheri,Angadippuram,Nilambur,Perintalmanna are all strong holds of Hindu Population among which a major part is the old Thiyyar families here.Thiyyars of Valluvanad form an important part of Malabar thiyyar.Valluvanad Thiyyar many of them were famous as ancient Toxicologists(Visha vaidyars).All these Thiyyars proudly maintain their Thiyya identity.

Another Thiyya strong hold is in Trichur district.The Ezhavas of Trichur are found in the interior parts and southern Trichur.But the coastal belts of Trichur are teeming with thiya families.Chavakkad Taluk of present day Trichur was a Taluk of erstwhile British Malabar.Trichur Thiyyas are seen in areas like Guruvayur,Chavakkad,Engandiyur,Valappad,Edamuttam etc,the coastal belt.Most of these thiyya families date back their origin hundreds of years back to kozhikode and Malappuram.Some famous Trichur Thiyyar families are Changaram Kumarath,Pokkancherry,Thandassery,Karyat,Thachampully,Kunnathully,Kakkanatt,Karatt Parambil etc.All these Thiyya families have lots of relatives from Kozhikode.Trichur Thiyyars still carry their caste as "THIYYA" only and not Ezhava.