According to the scientific findings of Dr.Nelliate Shayamalan's ,the migration of Thiyyar took place in the late Iron Age .The ancestors of author's father carried the gene from North Africa through the Caucasus region to Central Asia ,Kyrgistan,and North Malabar.That is the general Thiyya DNA ,traced back several generation into the past. The language spoken at this time was a Latin script mixed with greek.(Scientific DNA studied in Thiyya Caste published in the Book 'North Africa to North Malabar' by Dr.N.C.Shyamalan)

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  • According to mythology once upon a time there were seven heavenly damsels, who used to bath every day before dawn in a lake situated in a forest. Siva found this out, and appeared as a fire on the bank, at which the girls warmed themselves. Having thus lured them, the God made all of them mothers. Seven beautiful boys were born, and Siva presented them to Parvati, who treated them as if they were her own sons. They were taken to mount Kailasa, and employed in preparing toddy for the mysterious and wonderful Sakti worship

    Illam is a Malayalee lineage system used for classification and identification of castes in Kerala, South India. There are mainly two castes which used Illam as their house. They are Thiyyars and Namboothiris. The House of Namboothiries (the Brahmins of Kerala) are also called the Brahmaalayam or Mana. The house is built according to the canons of Vaasthusaasthram, meaning architecture in Sanskrit language.In Thiyyar system there are 8 illam from where their origin are believed to be from . The well acclaimed history book "Castes and Tribes of Southern India" by Edgar Thurston (1855-1935) clearly describe the eight illams of Thiyya .