The largest Hindu community in Malabar


Thiyyars (also spelt as Theeyars /Thiyya )are the largest Hindu community in Malabar region of Kerala. The most cultured, highly educated and influential in every aspect of social life.Thiyyars are socially and economically forward community. Thiyya settlers of Korapuzha River(Elathur River),extending North and East with Karnataka and Western Ghats.



Theyyam is part of Thiyya culture. It's performed in the Kavu and temples. Theyyam is a glorification of the valor of a Thiyya ancestors


Kalaripayattu is a martial art, which originated as a style in Kerala, southern India. Kalari and Payattu which mean training ground and fight.


Poorakkali is a traditional dance ritual performed by men during the nine-day Pooram festival in Bhagavathy temples across North Malabar in Kerala.


Marathukali, the second part of Poorakali, is a fusion of two different styles of cultural arts that prevailed in Thiyyars of north malabar region.


According to the scientific findings of Dr.Nelliate Shayamalan's, the migration of Thiyyar took place in the late Iron Age .The ancestors of author's father carried the gene from North Africa through the Caucasus region to Central Asia ,Kyrgistan,and North Malabar.That is the general Thiyya DNA ,traced back several generation into the past. The language spoken at this time was a Latin script mixed with greek.(Scientific DNA studied in Thiyya Caste published in the Book 'North Africa to North Malabar' by Dr.N.C.Shyamalan).

Thiyyar Belongings to Haplogroup L.Indo-Aryan caucasian Class (Unlike ezhavas of haplogroup C australoids,Nairs of K and Namboothiris of H) from central Asian Thiyassa valley of Tian-Shan Mountain Ranges lying south of Russia to North Malabar.